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2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse: everything you need to know



The new Mustang has finally been revealed, and like it was the case with the previous generation, some love it, and others hate it. 


Anyways, with this entirely redesigned Mustang comes a lot of new things. Of course, we expected a more radical change for the car's general shape that looks like the evolution of the previous generation. Still, Ford promised every panel would be new. You can see this when you start to dig a little bit. Thanks to a much more massive front fascia, a wider track, and a more angular body, the new Mustang finally gets the muscle it should have had when it was redesigned for 2015.


The 2.3 liters turbocharged Ecoboost engine and the 5.0 liters V-8 are also totally new, even though they are the same. Ford says they will be much more powerful thanks to new elements. So, no EV, no plug-in, and not even a hybrid version. And the manual gearbox is back!


Finally, what really studs out for me is the new cockpit which has been inspired by a fighter jet according to the American manufacturer. Yes, the Mustang traded its signature cluster for an all-digital dashboard and infotainment system merged together in what looks like one big screen. Of course, purists criticized this element a lot, but we are not in 1980 anymore. Well, Ford kinda knew these guys would complain about it because they included a retro mode where you can change the gauges for those who were found in the Fox Body Mustang, which is very clever from the American manufacturer.


Dark Horse


With this new Mustang comes a new breed named the Dark Horse. This essentially replaces the Mach-1 version as a more performant version than the GT, but it is also far more than just that. The Dark Horse is also the first entirely new alteration of the Mustang Since the Bullitt came out in 2001 for the first time.


Even if Ford hasn't released any numbers yet on the Dark Horse Mustang, the American manufacturer told us it would be the most powerful 5.0 Mustang ever, with more than 500 horsepower.


With the Dark Horse badge, things get even more exciting, which brings back the Mustang to racing series such as GT3, GT4, Nascar, NHRA Factory X racing, and more. There are also 2 customers racing versions of the Dark Horse Mustang.


The Dark Horse S is slightly more tamed but still a track-ready car. By the way, it isn't homologated for the road, and Ford describes it as « the weekend track day enthusiast car.» The big boy here is the Dark Horse R which comes with a fuel cell and a lot more element that makes it ready for extreme track treatment.


All that has been revealed on the same event alongside the « regular » Mustang, which is quite extraordinary on its own. Of course, Ford kept some tricks in its sleeve, and we know a new GT500 is coming. Seeing what Ford has made with the new Mustang yet, I can't wait to see what is to go with the new GT500. And for what it is worth, I think the Dark Horse will be the best Mustang ever made. I can't wait to put my hand behind the wheel of this new Mustang variant.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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